DIRECTV™ for Hotels & Motels

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Get 100 channels of DIRECTV crystal clear HD for less than $7.74 a month per room for the first year when you purchase DIRECTV for hotels or motels from DVE. Ask us how!

NO UPFRONT COST for the equipment or installation of DIRECTV for hotels or motels. Ask us how!

Looking to upgrade your hotel’s television service to HD? Want an alternative to Cable? Want to provide your guests with what 30 million pay-tv customers in the US have chosen as the best provider for Television in their homes? We can provide your guests with quality DIRECTV for your hotel or motel immediately.


Call for a free proposal on DIRECTV for your Hotel or Motel. We will provide you a cost-cutting solution.

Allow DVE to review your current bill. WE GARRANTY WE CAN SAVE YOUR HOTEL OR MOTEL MONEY.

DVE can provide you a complete solution including Commercial Televisions, Media Hubs, Internet connectivity, installation, and integration.

Improve your current services, meet your brand standards, and give your customers more by providing them DIRECTV for hotels or motels.

And with DVE, you will always have someone to call if there is a problem with your service.

Even if you are a current DIRECTV Hotel or Motel customer, contact us for a free review of your system or bill. We can save you money, service your system, or upgrade the service to HD on your property.

We have a wide variety of technical solutions that will make installing DIRECTV for your Hotel or Motel easy and inexpensive.

DIRECTV for hotels or motels is the ultimate entertainment solution for raising guest satisfaction and revenue. By getting DIRECTV today, your guests and your business will benefit. Guests will enjoy over 100 channels of the latest news, the best sports and the most popular shows.

The bottom line: Adding DIRECTV for your hotel or motel is an easy, affordable way to increase your bottom line.

Call 800-709-8731 or Request a Quote to get started!

Introducing the DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels

Make your guests feel at home by giving them the same TV experience they love at home. They can now find what they want to watch more easily than ever with the same program guide they’re used to in their living room. They can rest easy while they channel-surf with our simplified remote with an anti-microbial finish. And with over 100 HD channels, they won’t miss their favorite shows. Nearly 9 out of 10 hotel guests prefer the DIRECTV viewing experience over any other. Give them the TV service they already love.

Make your guests feel at home with the same DIRECTV experience they enjoy at home.

For the first time ever, the same on-screen program guide they’re used to at home
Your guests will have no problem finding the channels and shows they want to watch. DIRECTV’s new on-screen program guide for hotels and motels now offers the same experience they’re used to at home. You can even brand it with your brand logo.


NEW! Simplified DIRECTV remote with an anti-microbial finish
For hotel owners, cleanliness is key to running a successful business. You can now put your guests at ease with our simplified remote with an anti-microbial finish.


Over 100 of your guests’ favorite channels in stunning High-DefDeliver a home-away-from-home video experience as only DIRECTV RESIDENTIAL EXPERIENCE for Hotels and Motels can provide. Give them access to over 100 channels included in the DIRECTV residential channel lineup—in HD. Now Hotel and Motel guests won’t miss the shows they enjoy at home.


for your hotel or motel the first year in-rooms when you sign up with DIRECTV and DVE!

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