Hi-Speed Internet Systems and Services

Today, when people log on to the Internet, they expect instantaneous connection. With DVE, the customers can have dedicated “always-on” high-speed Internet access. They benefit from having unlimited Internet usage and a connection.

  • The Internet can go through our cable plant and work with a cable modem, Ethernet wired, or fiber backbones.
  • Wi-Fi Access Points can allow guests or users to access Hi-Speed Internet service in common areas on the property with a wireless adapter.

DVE provides Hi-Speed Internet equipment and services to Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Timeshares, Healthcare Facilities, Conference Centers, RV Parks, Businesses, Commercial Establishments, and other venues.

Our Wi-Fi or wired Hi-Speed Internet systems allow customers to surf the Internet, send e-mail, shop online, stream video content, chat with friends or the office, make reservations, pay bills, play games, and more. These systems are easy to use, secure, fast and reliable. We also provide Wireless Internet Backup in the event of an internet failure in order to keep your business running smoothly.

We only use the best equipment such as Ruckus’ Wireless and Fusion Gateway’s installed by experienced, professional installers that take the guess work out of network installation.

From the initial consultation, site survey, and completed installation, we back up our Hi-Speed Internet services with 24×7 support and monitoring.

All DVE systems and services are monitored and maintained by our call center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we provide tier I, II and III support for our clients.

Adding wireless high-speed Internet access to our customers business gives them the potential to:

  • Generate an additional source of revenue for their business using tiered billing options.
  • Offer guests a value-added amenity that today’s travelers are looking for.
  • Attract and retain new customers!
  • Hotspots drive revenue by making a stay at the hotel or property even more valuable!


DVE performs back-office tasks necessary to operate and manage public Internet access services for Hotspots such as:

  • Billing Content
  • Filtering Provisioning
  • Monitoring Authorization and Usage Tracking
  • SSL Certificates for Encrypting Information
  • Authentication
  • Revenue Reporting
  • User Statistics

DVE simplifies the operation of your Hotspot by doing all the network management for you, so you can focus on your customer’s other needs. We even provide Wireless Internet Backup to help keep your business running smoothly.

DVE offers options of wired and/or wireless Hi-Speed Internet for Hotels throughout meeting facilities, guestrooms and common areas to fit specific requirements. We utilize best-of-breed hardware and software and manage the entire service.

DVE has various maintenance programs to provide maintenance and support equipment as well as 24 x 7 call center guest support.


Our Hi-Speed Internet customers receive the highest quality and most responsive service and support from DVE. We provide customized installation services for the facility. An around the clock, toll-free number is available for our customers to receive technical support.

High-speed Internet systems are configured for maximum performance and potential growth. You help the customers choose by understanding the programming they want to receive and understanding their budget for the services.

Hotel Internet Systems are installed quickly to avoid interruptions in service. We can build the system during the new construction phase or we can replace legacy systems. The network is designed to service the existing needs as well as future possible upgrades. We also need to add the request a quote button on this page as well.


DVE provides Bandwidth Management systems that allow your property to provide Hi-Speed Internet tiered service. This allows the property to provide a basic free tier and additional tiers that allow for streaming or additional device connections.

  • Our Bandwidth managed Hi-Speed Internet systems allow the property revenue sharing opportunities to earn revenue on higher users.
  • Allows the property to control bandwidth consumption in order to keep costs down and allow bigger users the option to pay for additional usage.
  • Integrated billing.
  • Connection to Smart TVs allows for additional charges for the use of Applications.


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