The Philips brand is one of the most recognized in the world, and is among the top 5 most recognized and respected consumer electronics brands. Philips is a brand your customers know and trust. However, because Philips is a global leader in healthcare solutions and a hospitality pioneer with almost 40 years of hospitality television innovation and experience, you can trust us too.


For almost 40 years, Philips has been delivering innovative hospitality products specifically designed to meet your commercial needs. That experience pays dividends to you with a better understanding of the unique challenges of the hospitality industry, and an organization optimized to meet them. It is why Philips is consistently specified by hotel brands across the globe.


Philips products are trusted with the health and wellbeing of your patients in every part of your facility, from the AED used by the paramedics bringing patients to you, to the Monitors in your OR, to advanced imaging, diagnostic, and therapeutic solutions.

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