Wireless Internet Backup

Keep your properties running smoothly even when your Internet isn’t.

Wireless Backup Internet adds an always-on wireless network path for your mission critical devices. Using a mix of carriers to provide maximum coverage reliability.  Smart failover technology allows you to instantly and seamlessly switch to a wireless data connection in the event your primary network experiences a disruption of any kind – from basic outages, severe weather or equipment failure. 24/7 Support included!

LTE Cellular backup ensures that even if your primary Internet goes down, LTE service will automatically keep your essential Internet services up and running. Never worryCradlepoint frontabout an outage shutting down your business causing lost revenue again.

 Broadband Wireless Backup systems are trusted by:

  • Retail / POSCradlepoint back
  • ATMs / Financial Services
  • Branch Offices
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Medical Services
  • Server Installations
  • New Location Deployments

Next Day Advanced Warranty Replacement Including:

  1. Monitoring, alerts, and alarms
  2. Simple to deploy
  3. Installation services available
  4. PCI and HIPPA compliant, including our secure private network

How does it work?

Your existing primary connection is passed through a wireless router until a service disruption occurs.  This triggers a the failover and your secure wireless Back up Internet connection handles your network until your primary connection has returned and stabilized.  The router and management platform will automatically alert your network group of the outage and failover.  All wireless connections can be managed remotely.


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